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"Her workouts really do make me sweat and there are so many to choose from. She is has always kept her content fresh and up to date, being a fellow new Mom, kudos to you Niki! Not only do I really enjoy the workouts, Niki has always been really enjoyable to follow. She always has a smile on, is incredibly positive but is also humble and honest if she too is having a tough day or if a workout is kicking her butt. Again, filming her workouts at home makes them so much more approachable and realistic. Niki is doing this for the love of it and to spread health and happiness to as many people as she can! " - Jessica
"I was having trouble staying fit and eating well in college. The sugarysixpack app has really helped motivate and inspired me to eat healthy! I've followed Nikki for years and I'm continually impressed by her positive attitude and desire to help people better themselves. " - Sarah
''This has been a life saver for my second pregnancy. I was a personal trainer through my first pregnancy and coached clients after. This time around, i needed something to easily follow that I could rely on and would keep me on track. Nikki is wonderful with answering any questions you may have. Easy to use, warm up, cool down, all included." - Courtney
Meet Niki Klasnic
I’m a former D1 collegiate runner that had to re think what fitness meant to me after graduation and then again after becoming a mom. 
I’ve trained in every style from distance running to CrossFit and finally found a balance that creates fitness, function and strength all during nap time 😁

I also focus a lot on core function and strength especially in pregnancy and postpartum because being a mom doesn’t mean you now have to deal with leaks, diastasis or other common pregnancy and postpartum complaints. 

Being a mom means you need to be stronger than ever and I can’t wait to help you get there!
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